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Recent Entries 
 My sunday was spent trudging through the mud of liberty state park barefoot with Silversun Pickups in front of me, Lykke Li to my right
and The Black Keys to my left.  This summer has definitely been bumped up a few notches to freaking awesome.

 Black converse covered in the evidence of a good day, n_n

& now, The Ultimate Cake off on tlc, I could probably watch people make cakes all day. 
Also, I have a fish, the name is Stella.
Goodnight folks.

P.s. I actually just found the name of this song(in my music description) from the last episode of
Radio Free Roscoe, I've always loved it.
I'm getting back into livejournal.  I've missed it. 

I'll be twenty in exactly a month.
Currently an English major about to head into my third year.
I desperately want to be the owner of a cat.
Just purchased my first article of bright clothing, a short, red trench kind of coat.
Attempting to learn to play the piano.

I also try to sleep now.  This entails putting on Flapjack and knocking out.
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